Looking for different yet exquisite, durable but real... what others do NOT have and never found in stores!!?? 


Union Forge, Inc. designs and creates extrodinary, timeless, hand-crafted pieces for both individuals and companies.  We specialize in delivering unique and original raw elements into spaces, indoors and out. Nothing compares to the unparalleled beauty and glorious feel of authentic iron.


Our hand-forged items carry a touch of class and quality craftmanship true to only its orginality and style. Features and gifts to last many lifetimes.



Have an exclusive space, place, person or vision  in need of 'the' perfect detail? Let us help you draft and develop something tailor-made! Union Forge can custom-build a wide range of exclusive ironwork from classic S-hooks to breath-taking entry gates and everything in between. Forging is our passion. Brass, copper, stainless steal, wrought iron, high caron steal, damascus are just a few of the materials we use to make superior and gorgeous products. We can create adornments and accents according to your specifications or draft it for you!

The sky is the limit.


Union Forge, Inc. - hand-crafted, custom creations, uniquely you, endless possibilities!!


Proudly made in the U.S.A.


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